Stuff I liked in June

Nadja in What we do in the Shadows

Matt’s blog post ‘Meat and gratitude’

I love the coinage ‘grativore‘. I’ve been off meat for nearly two years (related content on this in a few paragraphs) but I could stand to be more grateful for the fish and animal-derived products I do consume.

Antoni Porowski being interviewed by Miz Cracker

The journey’s the thing on this. JOY.

Sule Skerry

New album from Erland Cooper, came out at the close of our Scotland adventure in May. Been a repeat play throughout June though, ideal music to paint and type to.


It’s one of the most highly rated TV shows of all-time, and there’s not much I can add to that. That they saved as much as they did for the final episode was a neat bit of writing. It makes a murder-mystery of a disaster. That’s the angle I imagine compelling stories about the climate crisis are going to take.

The Luminaries

I read this shortly after it came out, and I remember thinking of it as a bit 7/10. It grew in my estimation though, and when I saw the paperback cheap at Old Street I scooped it up. It was so sumptuous, a pleasure to luxuriate in that little pocket of New Zealand again. I’ll go back to it again in a few years, I’m sure.

The Planets

I haven’t made it through a single episode without falling fully asleep. That’s a good thing: I often sleep quite badly.

Painting gains

Two models I painted this month I’m super-proud of.

The first is conversion for my FEC army. I managed some really fine blending, and the model as a whole has picked up some lovely compliments from hobbyist folks.

The second is the first Space Marine I’ve painted since I was a teenager. I really enjoyed the fine highlights on the panels, and I’m looking to do more of that with my next army (probably Stormcast – I’m not a 40k player).

Bats in the park

Obviously they’re amazing, but every time I see one I pretend to be Lazlo from What we do in the shadows and shout “Bat!”.

Deb on ‘not colonising the future’

“…it dawned on me that what I was seeing was a rebellion of the natives against the colonizers – the inhabitants of the future marshaling resistance to the colonizing present and to the extraction of the resources that they will need to thrive.”

the end of history

New play at the Jerwood. I enjoyed it, but I don’t see much theatre, so by and large anything I go to see would make it on the list. Well acted, sporting a couple of moments where the energy turned on a dime – those took my breath away. Predictable plotting meant I could enjoy the performances.


BBC just put season one up on iPlayer, and I binged the whole thing while Ann was out last night. Felt very sharp, and I felt stupid for not watching it sooner. Also, short episodes! Wonderful.

Month of challenges

This month I’ve been trying to do five things each day:

  1. Eating vegan food
  2. Not drinking
  3. Walking 10,000+ steps
  4. Not eating cake in the day
  5. Working out a little (7 minutes from an app)

It’s felt very good. I’ve enjoyed cooking recipes I wouldn’t usually pick up, and I’ve felt better for being more active. The last few days I’ve been wondering what of it has felt good enough I want to make a habit.

The exercise is probably a keeper, although there’s no way it’ll be every day. Maybe Monday to Thursday. And no cake in the day (generally being conscious about how much I eat and at what time) has been mega positive. Not drinking – meh. I don’t drink enough for that to feel like a problem, but not drinking ‘on a school night’ is probably smart.

I’m not ready to be vegan. Which is to say, I don’t want to give up butter, eggs and cheese. I might get there eventually, but not now. I was actually fine for not having fish, and I don’t think I’ll be cooking fish at home for a long, long while. I’ve missed eating it out though.

The real killer – and I’m surprised by this – has been the steps. Reaching that on average workdays has meant being out for around an hour in the evenings. I want to do other things with that time. I want to cook, I want to paint tiny models. I want to read, or flop down. I want to stop and watch birds. I don’t like the momentum of it, especially during a time of day I should be slowing down.

Interested to see what of it I carry into next month. Anyway, here’s a pic of the chart to wrap-up.

The missing square: half a vegan rock cake I baked. No regrets.