Stuff I liked in July

A late edition, because I went on holiday.

Taskmaster Series 8 finale

Series 7 was the best series, but I still enjoyed 8. The finale left Ann giggling for about half an hour. Thumbs up.

Mind over Mortal Realms

I took part in a day of Age of Sigmar gaming in aid of MIND, the mental health charity. It was absolutely fantastic – a great gang, really open to telling some stories with tiny models and dice.

Warhammer’s been a pretty great hobby outlet for me the last few years, alleviating anxiety and opening up a space for thinking and doing that’s not tied to work or production or progress. Felt nice to use the hobby to raise a money for other people who need different kinds of support.

Stranger Things 3

I skipped the second series after an episode because I got bored, but I enjoyed season 3. Too many characters, too many stories, but some extremely stupid fun all the same.

Queer Eye’s ‘Disabled, but Not Really’ episode

Ann: “Antoni teaches him how to make a chicken salad and Bobbi LITERALLY MOVES A WALL so the guy can use his bathroom properly for the first time in seven years.”

Cheathco’s shallots

Exquisite. Sweet and delicious roasted with a bit of salt and oil.


A holiday of reading, swimming in a lake, staying up and watching the stars, eating great food, and watching swallows zipping about. Glorious.