Stuff I liked in September

Warner Brothers studio tour

I’ve been pestering Ann to take me for ages, but she wouldn’t relent until her niece and nephew fancied it (it being a busperson’s holiday for her).

It was really good. Made me want to have been part of a ten-year project. The different facets of industrial-scale production were riveting, and they’ve put a fair amount of thought into what’s going to show off the best of the franchise and the skills of the crew.


Saw this during its run at the Wyndham. It was very good. Chunks of it don’t feel like the play Waller-Bridge might write for Fleabag *now*, but it’s still devastating in all the right places.


What a horrible, nasty little show Succession is. The fall of the Murdochs, by way of The Thick of It. I’m hooked.

Pepys’ diary during the Great Fire

Well done Phil!


I played at two events during the London Grand Tournament. The Age of Sigmar doubles was an absolute crash of bad communication and terrible decisions between my teammate and I. But I loved the Necromunda narrative tournament. The pack had been written by my pal Alex, and over two days my fragile little gang battled in out amid massive, intricate tables.

I did terribly. But I won Best Painted gang, which I was very pleased with. Got me reinvested in hobby stuff in a big way too. Roll on RAW.

Losing at an Escape Room

A bunch of folks from Juno went to Escape Entertainment, enough for two teams. Our team wanted to get out, but weren’t too invested in the race aspect… until we heard the next door team cheer. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt true camaraderie, before that moment.


I cooked three meals a week from Meera Sodha’s new book and it’s felt like a luxury. Very happy to have it on the shelf.


Loved the big, noisy art. Probably going back before it closes.

AHO visit

The AHO second years hit town for a few days last week. We were very fortunate have good people feed them with ideas. Huge thanks to Tim, Martin, Kara and Keeley at GDS, Nat, Mink, George and Charlie from Museum in a Box and Matt.

Got them up to Walthamstow Wetlands to get rained on too. A++, would drench students again.


Ann and I took our Mum’s to Iceland. A fair magical trip. The Northern Lights danced in red and green, the baked good were heavenly, and I drank glacial meltwater. I’m pleased I’m in a place in my life where I can can take my Mum on a trip like that.