Stuff I liked in October

Typing this with a bit of a bruise in my soul after realising I put my favourite wool jumper in a wash instead of handwashing it and, well, it looks like Ann’s getting a nice “new” jumper

Realms at War

RAW is an outstanding narrative event for Age of Sigmar held each year in Cambridge. Super-unique, with a lot of care put in by the folks who pull it together. I went a couple of years back and had an incredible time, but had to skip last year as I was in Oslo.

This year I cleared the weekend for it and had two excellent days playing weird and wonderful (and not especially competitive) games of AoS with my Court. I also picked up a painting prize – which was a huge surprise. And not one I felt I deserved… but chatting to the judges afterwards I feel like I know why I got it, and where I can put effort in to push them all up to that standard.

Phil on telly during Taskmaster

Watching an ad-break, and who do I see but Phil. Amazing. BAAAAT!


Realising Chris and Tom made me more polite

After a stop in a cafe with Lars and Einar I realised that I bus my own table in almost every place. Obviously it’s polite/the right thing to do. But I probably only do it because of Chris and Tom chiding me for not doing it in a cafe in Portland five years ago.

That, right there, is the real face of peer pressure.


Greg blog

Greg’s blogging again. Which I always like. His line about when reflection is helpful (“A healthy point where it’s not about unpicking, post-mortem or should-have-done-betters, but to look at what actually came to exist and my (very crucial role) in lots of it.“) reminded me about the drive-by reference I made to doing similar earlier this year.

It’s also made me think about how I’m going to blog next year. Probably not monthnotes, but we’ll see.

Roller disco

I’m not a good skater, but, in Ann’s words, “you’re one of the best people in here that never goes skating”. No tumbles, plenty of speed, quite a lot of fun.

Sorting files and stuff

Dropbox’s price rise made me rethink where all my stuff is kept. I’ve been churning through bits and bobs and changed all the backup stuff and, in the process, saved myself about £100 of storage fees. Boring admin thing, but that’ll cover the cost of my replacement jumper.