Stuff I liked in November

The Stone Tape

Found via John Coulthart’s blog, I loved this creepy/trippy audio drama. Nice start to the month, stomping through Crystal Palace park on a misty morning.


Speaking of Crystal Palace Park, the fireworks were pretty banging. I love fireworks. Always a signal that it’s jumper-season, proper welcome to winter.

Thorpe Park

Our feeders

We’ve got seeds and fat balls up in feeders out front and back, and the swarm of sparrows, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, parakeets, jays, squirrels and pigeons that munch on them are a daily treasure. Happily passed half an hour with a coffee watching the back one the other day.

Related: I started walking a stop further out in the mornings. Meeting woodpeckers, foxes, wrens and the rest is a very calming entry to the day. I’m enjoying work, which is good because the hours I’m in require more sustained concentration and attention than any job I’ve had before. These morning strolls quickly started feeling essential, for balance.

Race Chaser

Tip from Ann – Willam and Alaska’s Race Chaser Podcast was a top-notch companion to the Drag Race UK endgame.

On that note: I loved Drag Race UK. First couple of episodes felt very ‘Drag Race: The Fans’, but after that it turned into a pretty tight season. Not as much arbitrary drama as the last few seasons of Drag Race proper, and some great challenges. Good work.


Good, tight, road-trip/party/self-discovery movie. But, like all movies in the genre, I have come away from it wanting to rewatch Magic Mike XXL.

The Red Gobbo

Comfortably the best painting I’ve ever done. It feels good to have a miniature at the end of the year that so clearly captures how far my painting has come on. Very proud of myself. More things to this standard this year… which probably also means painting fewer things.

Other Spaces

UVA’s setup at 180 The Strand is great. The end piece, The Great Animal Orchestra, is extremely my shit. Black room, light bars and soundwaves, water surrounds, drone, field recordings. I’d have comfortably spent the full loop in there, although I’d been at London Bridge right beforehand and Ann rang to see if I’d been caught up in the incident there. Took me out of the art, and put in my head a little bit.

Luckily I went into TRANSFORMER: A Rebirth Of Wonder afterwards with Mark, and some of that was so shit I started to feel a fair bit better.