Day 30 – Anything

Day 30 | Closed

Aaaaaand done. This one goes out to my colleagues, who I’ll see in October. Got a month out now to recharge after an extremely stressful summer. I’m planning to start 2015 early – who’s with me?

Cheers for this Frances! A lovely month was had. I’ve got one more 30 day thing in me (which I’ll do next month and won’t be blogging) and then I’m leaving all these lists alone for a bit.

Day 28 – A room

Day 28 | 54

The front room of the flat I’ve just sold. Spent six very sad months in it, but leaving was still bittersweet because of all the things it could have been. Extremely relieved to start September with a clean slate though. Happy, too.

Yesterday’s email from Pome was oddly fitting;

Counting the Rain

Check the gas and hide the back door key.
Lock up. Make sure you have, and then
Go out and count the rain, and this time
Do it properly. You won’t be home again.

Sean O’Brien (2011)


Day 26 and Day 27

So, Day 26 – Your favourite sweet/candy/food was already covered in Day 11.

Day 26 | Skip

Therefore I skip to Day 27. Your favourite movie scene/character.

Day 27 | Casablanca

The end of Casablanca. Blaine and Renault walking into the fog of the airport together. Futures unknown. beautiful.