Besides publishing anthology Paper Science, I also write comics.

My first work was with Julia Scheele, beginning with Oneironaut in 2008 and continuing with stories in The Robot ‘zine (2008) and The Covers ‘zine (2009). Julia and I have since worked on comics for Solipsistic Pop and Thought Bubble Festival’s anthology, published by Image comics.

In addition I’ve also written for Tom Humberstone (‘You Are Here’, published in Solipsistic Pop #4), Anne Holiday (‘Sid’, published in Paper Science #2) and Adam Cadwell, who I worked with to produce a short story called X Marks The Spot for Legoland Windsor’s Festival in summer 2010.

I also collaborated with Camille Bozzini to produce a series of comic strips featuring the Suwappu characters. They were published online by Dentsu London in 2011.

In 2011 I was invited to become Thought Bubble Festival’s first Writer In Residence. I worked with Artist in Residence Kristyna Baczynski to produce a six page, slated to debut in the festival’s 2012 Anthology. It features a new cast of characters called the Association of Inquistive Collectors, and Wendy Lewis from the comic is pictured above. Further stories are planned.