The After School Club for Copywriters

I wrote a little book. The After School Club for Copywriters is a collection of nine lessons I’ve learned over the past year talking to other writers about writing, and it’s available now via Lulu.

I’ve been blogging here about the breakfasts I’ve had with the Club since last summer, and this collects the things that have changed in my thinking and working since I started doing that. It’s short and slips nicely into a coat pocket/satchel/handbag, as all good books should.

It’s not a playbook, and it doesn’t have clever things to say about specific points of copy style. It’s just a bunch of process hacks and approaches that have helped me.

What it is is badly titled. Lots of this stuff was most useful when used in the product and marketing work I’ve done over the last year, rather than the actual paragraphs I’ve produced for people.

Anyway, you can pick it up for a few pounds at Lulu now. Huge thanks to Chrissy, Russell, Anne, Quinns and Kat in helping me put it together, and to anyone who’s talked about process with me over the last year or so.