Hundred Days – halfway

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So, yesterday was the half way mark. The Hundred Days project has been quite a blessing at this stage in the year. I knew in November that given the enormous project list 2009 generated I wouldn’t be able to keep up the same degree of pace and momentum in 2010. That said, I didn’t want to focus on any on project to the detriment of being, you know, ‘creative’. Mix that in with the fact I was actually keen to stick notes in public places and you’ve got a recipe for success diversion.

Meeting people at the Hundred Days event I found a lot who had reached a point where the project swam into focus, taking on a shape beyond its initial significance. That’s amazing, but not a feeling that I’ve felt. I mean, threesixfivestart had so many of those moments that this really couldn’t be the same. I wanted to entertain myself, and maybe a few other people, rather than craft a new body of work.

Am I becoming a better person though? I’m becoming a better writer. There’s a brevity forced by the platform, like writing an essay on the spine of a post-it, and a few times I feel I’ve used to pretty good effect. Anyone finding those better moments finds a story, not a sticky label, and I think I can be proud of that.

Hundred Days Update

Bellies full, we enter the second quarter of the 100Days project today. Good luck to everyone participating with the next 75!

Yesterday’s message was a pretty easy one to go for, but today’s was different. I went for a little wander in the afternoon, along paths I took on an almost daily basis between the age of five and eighteen. I got to that crossing, remembered the moment a fourteen year old me kissed a girl and remembered that the next morning, after a first kiss, I broke up with her.

At this point it started to rain. I hid under a bus shelter and wrote the label, watching news flicker by on a TV screen embedded into the shelter wall. It didn’t want to let up. I remembered then that it had rained when we kissed too, and that was probably the only reason I really remembered it at all: I was soaking, but the kiss made it worth it. The sun peaked from behind the clouds for a moment, and I got this shot off, dashing back under shelter as it started to drizzle again.

I don’t remember her name. I’ve got about as far the initials – TS – but no more. So, TS, I’m sorry. That wasn’t very nice of me.