Hundred Days – halfway

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So, yesterday was the half way mark. The Hundred Days project has been quite a blessing at this stage in the year. I knew in November that given the enormous project list 2009 generated I wouldn’t be able to keep up the same degree of pace and momentum in 2010. That said, I didn’t want to focus on any on project to the detriment of being, you know, ‘creative’. Mix that in with the fact I was actually keen to stick notes in public places and you’ve got a recipe for success diversion.

Meeting people at the Hundred Days event I found a lot who had reached a point where the project swam into focus, taking on a shape beyond its initial significance. That’s amazing, but not a feeling that I’ve felt. I mean, threesixfivestart had so many of those moments that this really couldn’t be the same. I wanted to entertain myself, and maybe a few other people, rather than craft a new body of work.

Am I becoming a better person though? I’m becoming a better writer. There’s a brevity forced by the platform, like writing an essay on the spine of a post-it, and a few times I feel I’ve used to pretty good effect. Anyone finding those better moments finds a story, not a sticky label, and I think I can be proud of that.