Words for words

I realised last week that there were bits of the GOV.UK style guide that I hadn’t fully internalised. I realised that while on a train, without Wi-Fi access, on the way back from Newcastle, totally unable to look it up. So I printed it out.

Most people would never have need of this kind of thing, including many people writing for GOV.UK (they need to know this inside out in a way that I don’t), but it’s super-useful for helping me internalise what’s in there. Even laying the thing out embedded some of it deep.

I won’t show you the inside because I’ve formatted it awfully, but the text is legible and everything’s fairly clearly laid out. The useful content runs to about 28 pages, and I’ve bulked it out with room for notes. It’s not for sale – so far as my understanding goes, the stuff found in it is anyone’s to play about with – but if anyone fancies one drop me an email. The cover image is by Ben.

Also, it’s my first Print on Demand book (newspapers don’t count). Thanks to Dan for reminding me about that whole industry. I used Lulu, and I’ve no complaints except for the ugly barcode on the back. There’s probably a way to get rid of that, but I didn’t go looking.