This is my GPO

It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that the creative team at GDS occasionally refer to people like Jennings, Mass Observation and the GPO. I’m not saying that our week notes are the modern-day equivalent of Fires Were Started, but…

These films cropped up a lot during my degree and A-levels, but often only a very narrow selection made it onto the projector. I’ve probably watched Night Mail eight times, for instance, while Britain at Bay never made it into the classroom, and as for everything after 1950 – forget about it.

I’ve been meaning to correct that for ages, but making a weekend of it felt a bit arduous. I needed an excuse to watch a couple every week. And I realised, picking my latest Jam, that the excuse was sat there in front of me.

This is my GPO screen shot

This is my GPO: a short film every week from the likes of the GPO, MoI/CoI, BTF and others. I’ll try to stick to the shorter ones for now, and to the ones with the best soundtracks.

First up it’s Snow by Geoffrey Jones, a great bit of pure cinema showing how British Rail staff coped with the winter of ’62. Brilliant soundtrack too – a cover of “Teen Beat” remixed by Daphne Oram.

(And, yes, I know it smacks of hubris to link to something you need to commit to updating, but if I blog about it I’ll force myself to do it).