A little while back I got involved in a project called ditto, and my contribution to it will be going live within the next few days.

Between the 14th – 17th May Camden’s Roundhouse will be hosting a series of electronic art and music performances under the banner Short Circuit. On Saturday 16th May, while the main space hosts the fantastic Touch presents… line up, the Roundhouse Studios will be hosting a select audience for the one-time-only collaboration ditto, which will be streamed live around the world for an audience that could, potentially, be limitless.

The ‘catch’ of ditto, should there be one, is that the event will not be recorded, preserved or saved in any way. ditto is an experiential performance, and every contribution – from over twenty acts and performers – will be deleted during the event’s finale.

Once I joined the project there was a role that seemed to fit really nicely with the fragmentary bursts I’m currently writing in threesixfivestart: In the run up to the night I will be releasing a narrative in around 60 parts on the project’s Twitter page, while will compile to form the abstract journey we all take to get to the night itself, as artists and audience. The piece itself will be called ‘Countdown’.

I’m pretty pleased with how things have gone this far, and I’m really excited to see what comes next. Elements of the journey have been left open for me to play with some of the feedback I get, in keeping with the interactive nature of ditto.

So, get involved: add the ditto.tv Twitter account to see the countdown unfold and head over to ditto.tv itself to find ways to take part.

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